Jamboree Arts can provide the following Equipment and Services for your Event:-


Covered or Open Performance Stages

  • Complete 24′ width covered stage with optional back stage area and front of house cover
  • 18 off 8’ x 4’ Aluminium framed stage decks with adjustable height legs. Suitable for band or performance staging.
  • 6.5m x 4.5m Aluminium Astrolite aerial rig suitable for trapeze.
  • Flats and blacks are available to frame the stage.
  • Audio and lighting solutions for small live music stages, installation performances, cabaret and theatre.

Bespoke Performances and Workshops for any Event

  • Cabaret artist and performances.
  • Circus artists and circus skills workshops.
  • Walkabout performances and characters.
  • Jugglers and fire performers.
  • Art and craft workshops for children or adults.
  • We can arrange and deliver a complete workshop area including marquees, decor, equipment and tutors themed around your event.
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